How to Fix Leaks and Blockages: A Plumbing Puzzle

Imagine waking in the morning to hear water dripping. The time is 3 AM and you can tell that something has gone wrong. A tiny drip that is left unchecked can quickly turn into an avalanche. Welcome to a life as a professional plumber.

It’s a common misconception that plumbers only deal with clogged drains and leaky faucets. However, their work is far more complex. Installing complex heating systems or fixing burst water pipes in winter are just some of the many tasks that plumbers do.

Let’s have a quick discussion about tools. You’ve probably seen a toolbox for a plumber. This toolbox is like a huge treasure chest full of wrenches and other tools that belong in sci-fi movies. Each tool has a special purpose. The auger, as an example, can remove stubborn clogs in your drains. Pipe wrenches allow you to turn and grip stubborn pipes.

Imagine that you are hosting Thanksgiving and suddenly, your sink stops draining. Imagine the reaction of your guests when they see you washing dishes with soap in the bathtub. Enter the plumbing professional, a knight dressed in shiny overalls and armed only with his expertise and maybe a little elbow grease.

I’ll give you a short anecdote. My friend Sarah flooded her basement because she ignored minor leaks under her kitchen faucet. By the time Sarah called a professional plumber, it was far too late. The damages were extensive and expensive. Moral of the Story? Never underestimate small leaks.

You may have heard about the problem of tree roots invading sewer pipes. You’re right, it is as bad sounding as you might think. These sneaky root systems can cause serious obstructions that require specialized tools to remove. Plumbers will often use cameras in order to locate hidden problem areas before deciding how best to proceed.

We must not forget the hot-water heaters! These big, bulky machines are necessary for modern life but can sometimes be temperamental. Winter months can be miserable with cold showers. Plumbers have the skills to quickly diagnose any problems so that you are back in warm baths.

You may be surprised to learn that plumbers can also play an important role in providing safe drinking water. Installing backflow preventers, which keep contaminated water away from clean supply pipes is vital in areas that experience flooding or heavy rain.

What’s that? Commercial plumbing includes larger projects, like those in schools or hospitals. The precision required is due to the stakes involved.

The best way to avoid costly problems in the future is by performing regular maintenance.

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