How to Clean Carpets – Carpet Cleaning Methods

No matter what you do, over time carpets are going to accumulate dust and dirt The bacteria that can accumulate on a dirty carpet will make it unhygienic. The dirt, as well as any microscopic organisms present in the carpet will need to be removed by regular cleaning. You can choose from a number of different carpet cleaning methods, depending on your carpet’s material and type of stain.

What are the most common cleaning methods?

Hot Water Extraction

Also called steam cleaning, the technique involves using hot water and pressure to mix up fibers. The natural adhesive properties in dirt or stains are then dissolved. This helps to loosen the dirt so that it is easier for you to extract. It involves applying a carpet cleaner, stirring with a brush then rinsing. Steam can be used to break down the dirt.

Shampooing Technique

The method of shampooing involves the use of water and detergent to remove dirt and dust from carpet fabric. Following the application of detergents and agitating carpets, rinse off the mix. This is one of the most popular techniques among DIY enthusiasts. The least effective method is to shampoo, because dirt and bacteria may not fully dissolve.

Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning technique will be your best bet if your carpet is not dry. Dry cleaning uses a special powder which has an affinity for dirt. The powder is applied to the surface of your carpet with rotating brushes and then incorporated into the material. Once the dust has been dissolved, heat and pressurized air are then used to remove this cleaning powder. This is one the most efficient and advanced carpet cleaning methods.

Dry Foam Technique

It is a mixture of the dry cleaning and shampooing techniques. Techniques like this use very little or no water. It is best used for fabrics which could be damaged if they were to come into contact with water. In a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents, foaming is allowed to develop. It is applied with a foam brush to the fabric of the carpet. When the dirt in the foam has been dissolved, it is extracted with a vacuum.

Bonnet Cleaning Technique

With this technique, the goal is to restore carpet appearance. Therefore only the surface area of carpet is cleaned. After applying a solution to the carpet surface, a machine is equipped with rotating pads that extracts moisture. The method is most commonly used in an industrial or commercial setting for carpet cleaning in heavy traffic areas.

What Is The Best Cleaning Technology?

It’s important to select the correct carpet-cleaning method, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness while avoiding damage. The effectiveness of a particular method will depend on how the carpet is cleaned. It is best to choose a method after evaluating the advantages of different cleaning methods.

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