Access to Jeju Island

Access to Jeju Island

Jeju International Airport, the 2nd largest airport in South Korea, is in the north of Jeju Island. Jeju International Airport easily connects Korea with the major cities of China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries, via a total of 29 direct flight routes (13 domestic and 16 international). There are three ways to fly to Jeju Island: by direct international flight, by transferring at either Incheon International Airport or Gimpo Airport to a domestic flight to Jeju. We recommend that visitors take a direct international flight to Jeju Island for their convenience.

  • Flights to Jeju via Incheon and/or Gimpo International Airport Upon arriving at Incheon International Airport, passengers can either transfer to domestic flights from Incheon to Jeju, or go to Gimpo Airport, where they can take domestic flights to every destination in Korea. All visitors to the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and visa. Jeju's visa-free access policy applies only to passengers taking direct flights to Jeju. ※ The visa-free policy is not applicable for passengers arriving at Jeju via Incheon and/or Gimpo Airport.

    • Passengers transferring to domestic flights to Jeju at Incheon International Airport
      Please visit the website of Incheon Int'l Airport for the detailed flight schedule
    • Passengers transferring to domestic flights to Jeju at Gimpo Airport
      To get to Gimpo Airport from Incheon International Airport, travelers may take the limousine bus.
Flights to Jeju via Incheon and/or Gimpo International Airport
Bus Stop Route Name Departure Time
F33 Interval
First Last
1st Floor 3B,
6105(Gimpo Airport) 05:20 21:00 30min KRW 7,000 10~20 min
1st Floor 4B,
Gimpo Airport (Kal Limousine) 05:10 22:22 15~20 min

※ Passengers can get information about Limousine and Premium Bus and purchase tickets at the following. Bus Ticketing Offices:
Exit 4 and 9 (indoors) & Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C (outdoors).

Bus Ticketing Offices

Access to ICC JEJU

From Jeju International Airport, you will reach ICC JEJU in approximately 40~50 minutes by car. Limousine buses are available every 15 minutes at the airport.

  • By Airport Limousines

    By Airport Limousines

    Access to ICC JEJU (By Airport Limousines)
    Bus No. 600 (To Seogwipo)
    Place Limousine bus stop on the left side of the front gate (Samyoung Traffic No. 600)
    Fare KRW 4,300 (USD 4 as of January 2014) * Korean currency can be taken only
    Time/Interval 06:20-22:00 /every 15 min.
    Time Required 50 min. (ICC JEJU) / 80 min. (KAL Hotel)
    Service Route Airport → T.H.E Hotel → Entrance to the Yeomiji Botanical Garden → Hana Hotel → Hyatt Hotel → The Shilla Jeju → Suites Hotel → Lotte Hotel → Hankook Condominium → KTO Jeju → Seaes Hotel → Jeju International Convention Center (ICC JEJU - Congress Venue) → World Cup Stadium (Jeju Wonder Resort) → New Gyeongnam Hotel → Seogwipo Port → Paradise Hotel → Seoqwipo KAL Hotel
  • By Taxi Taking a long-distance taxi from a taxi station can be considered as an option to go to ICC JEJU.

    By Taxi

    Access to ICC JEJU (By Taxi)
    Distance 40km
    Duration 40-45 minutes
    Fare About KRW 30,000
  • Car Rentals Advance reservation and selection is recommended for use of rented cars. Upon your arrival, rented cars can be used through vehicle guide services at the rent-a-car desk in front of the airport exit.