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Capacity Building Workshop

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Capacity Building Workshop
Small Satellites, Big Sciences
September 10(Sun) ~ 17(Sun), 2017 / KAIST SatReC, Daejeon, South Korea
The workshop invites Ph-D students, Postdocs and Junior researchers who take part in the space projects, to introduce the systematic approach on the small satellites, cubesats, and space applications. This will include lectures for mission design and satellite subsystems, as well as the practical exercises of satellite development.

The workshop will be held at SaTReC (Satellite Technology Research Center) of KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), which is located in the Daeduk science and technology town in Daejeon. SaTReC is the pioneer of Korean small satellites, and still in charge of developing Korean next microsatellites.

The supervising institute, KASI (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute) will host this program, which is supported by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and SaTReC, including excursions on the space related institutes and team activities for the mission challenges, to enlarge the scientific and engineering capacity of the participants from Korea and international.
Committee members
  • SOC members
  • G. Choi (Chair, KARI)
  • K. W. Min (KAIST)
  • H. C. Bang (KAIST)
  • D.-H. Lee (Secretary, KASI)
  • LOC members
  • K. I. Kang (Chair, SaTReC)
  • S. D. Park (SaTReCi)
  • J. H. Lee (Secretary, KARI)
  • S. G. Lee (KASI
  • J. J. Lee (KASI)
  • H. D. Kim (KARI)
  • May. 1 : CBW Homepage open
  • May. 15 : CBW invitation letter offer to related institutes
  • Jul. 21 : Due date for the application
  • Jul. 31 : Notification of participants
  • Aug. 15 : Final announcement of program, venue, and excursions
  • Sep. 10 ~ Sep. 17 : 2017 COSPAR capacity building workshop